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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project.


(front) Brenda Leslie (1st row) Ron Bokleman & Ed Leslie (2nd Row) Al Dumais & Norm Pullen (top) George Hoffmann

Layout Design by : Armando & Dan Vargas

Benchwork by: Paul Brown
Airbrush & Background Artistry
by: Ray Bell
Detailing & Weathering by:
Brenda Leslie
Cabinetry & Benchwork by:
Ed Leslie
Photography & Web Design
by: Lisa Decker

Weathering & DCC System Expert:
Ron Bokleman

Prototype Expert & Bridge/Piers/Scenery:
Al Dumais

Electronics Expert & Repairs:
George Hoffmann

Bench Work by:
Paul Brown 
Design by:
Dan & Armando Vargas 
Airbrush Artistry by:

Ray Bell